Meet the Jefferson High School Radio-TV Center Staff 

Randy Brist has been at Jefferson High School since 1984 in the capacity of Director of Radio-TV. Depending on the semester, Randy teaches the Mass Media, Advanced Radio-TV, and Film Literature classes. He strongly believes in a hands-on, student-as-worker philosophy, and that education should be FUN! Students involved in the Radio-TV program at Jeff are exposed to a wide variety of projects and opportunities that help them gain a better understanding of the media's impact on society today.


Kelly Kerns has been an English teacher at Jefferson High School since 1999. The fall of 2008 is her first time teaching Mass Media I. She is thoroughly enjoying it, and learning from it, too. It takes her back to her own high school radio classes and DJ days at Carmel. Kelly is a longtime Jeff 92 staff "wannabe;" she chaperones lock-ins and hangs out in the RTV Department. She hopes to continue teaching Mass Media I in the future.



David Leclere is a full-time maintenance technician for the Lafayette School Corporation. David was a master control operator for three years at WLFI-TV18 and an engineer for another eight years. He joined the maintenance staff at LSC in 1998 and began helping here shortly thereafter. David previously spent 2 years as the control room supervisor for all JEFF 92 Broncho sportscasts. When we have problems, he is the guy we call!